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i have been writing a lot more this week than i have in a long time (abstract, consciousness article for michigan alumnus, this thing i potentially want to submit to jama). it gets me thinking: why do i constantly identify myself as a journalist/writer? is it something i like to do or is it something i imagine that i like to do because it gives me something to talk about? because there is this incredible agony associated with writing stuff, which i do not enjoy. also often i feel like i am not perfectionist enough to truly create things i am proud of, so i kind of just submit stuff when the deadline appears

to some extent i have gotten *over* the idea of myself as a physician-writer. i believe there are many more things i am enamored with such as being a small business owner or engaging in some kind of social justice initiative, and the life of a writer is isolating, frustrating, and fundamentally unsatisfying to me. not to mention that i am not super fantastic at writing and i never am able to articulate exactly what i want to say. but i do like it sometimes, if i can bring myself to write stuff in the short window i actually feel passionate about something

other stray thoughts:

i think at some point during the summer I convinced myself that i did not enjoy writing, that the labor and time put into it was fundamentally unsatisfying and isolating. but what am i talking about? i love writing. i love expressing my ideas. i love looking back on a thought and think, i really understand this aspect of the world.

hello! I haven’t written on this thing for a long time. I would like to. this is a reminder to myself that I will.

this year is the year I promise to not let med school consume me. I am a person with a variety of interests, many of which do not pertain to health care, and I hope to learn more about the world and how people interact + live in it. illness is not everything. in life there is also art, language, deception, wealth disparity, technology, business, emotion.

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Day 320 : Bee hummingbird - the smallest bird in the world. Happy birthday Lyndi! 19 x 19 mm. #365paintingsforants #miniature #watercolor #bee #hummingbird #green (at Vredehoek)


Day 320 : Bee hummingbird - the smallest bird in the world. Happy birthday Lyndi! 19 x 19 mm. #365paintingsforants #miniature #watercolor #bee #hummingbird #green (at Vredehoek)

"Andrew O’Hagan writes: ‘Joan Didion gave me her hand and she was so thin it felt like I was holding a butterfly’ (LRB, 7 November). A beautiful sentence, but I wondered about the simile’s plausibility. It’s been reported that Didion weighs less than eighty lbs. She’s so thin her doctors have put her on an ice cream diet to keep her mass up. A woman’s hand is said to be 0.5 per cent of her body weight. So if Didion weighs 75 lbs, her hand probably weighs about six ounces. The world’s heaviest butterfly, the female Queen Victorian Birdwing, weighs about two grams. There are about 28 grams in an ounce, and Joan Didion’s hand probably weighs about the same as holding 86 female Queen Victoria Birdwings. It would be difficult to hold them all in your hand because each one has a wingspan of 18 centimetres. The smallest butterfly in the world is the North American Pygmy Blue and you’d probably need thousands of them to tip the scales against one of Didion’s fingers. None of this is to detract from the loveliness of O’Hagan’s sentence. We tell ourselves stories in order to live."

Penny Cartwright, letter to the London Review of Books, 21 November 2013 (via une)

Letters to the editor. Nice kicker.

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I really really like Firecracker

I also like firecrackers

and fireworks

(this is not a poem)


Showgirls on a train, 1930


Showgirls on a train, 1930

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back to tumblr! holiday breaks always make me very introspective, as do new years and new experiences. I tell myself often that the reason why I don’t write as much anymore is because I am busy and go to school, however this is a lie. if I really wanted to write I would find a way because writing = feelings and feelings = life. I am just lazy and bad at culling my life into digestible tumblr snippets

a few things I have been thinking about:

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